CURRICULUM VITAE		revised--2003

Name:				Maryruth Eaves-Herrera, Ph.D.

Address:			Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Phone:				(719) 659-6035

Born:				Maryruth Eaves
				March 1, 1958
				Brawley, California

License:			State of Colorado
				Psychologist  (license # 1674)

Post Secondary			Ph.D.  Clinical Psychology
Education and			Department of Psychology
Degrees:			University of Colorado at Boulder
				Boulder, CO.   1991

Pre-Doctoral Internship:	Colorado Mental Health Institute
				at Fort Logan; Denver, CO.   1991

M.A.  				Clinical Psychology
				Department of Psychology
				University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
				Colorado Springs, CO.   1987

B.A.  				Animal Physiology and Psychology
				Departments of Biology and Psychology
				University of California at San Diego
				La Jolla, CA.   1982

Professional 			American Psychological Association
Memberships			The National Register of Health
and Listings			Service Providers in Psychology
				American Association of Christian Counselors
				Christian Association for Psychological Studies

Orientation			Christian/Spiritual
				Psychodynamic Systems/Developmental

Clinical Experience:

1997-Present	Clinical Consultant and
		"At Home Mom" (to 4 children, ages 10, 12, 14 & 15)

1994-1997    	Group practice--Affiliated Therapists of Southern Colorado, Inc.
		Clinical and consulting psychologist.  Psychotherapy, consultation
		and assessments--individuals, couples, families and children.
		Special interests in spiritual issues, PTSD, women's issues and
		forensic psychology.

1991-1994	Psychologist, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo
		Institute for Forensic Psychiatry.  Team Psychologist for the forensic
		multi-security female admissions unit and for a male medium security unit.
		Team duties included participation in multidisciplinary
 		treatment plan formulations and implementation of treatment
 		plans as part of a multidisciplinary team, completion of
		initial and yearly psychological evaluations, conducting
		individual and group psychotherapies with selected patients,
		crisis management (including individual and group counseling)
 		as needed, co-facilitation of group therapies and milieu
 		management, conducting staff consultation & clinical supervision.
		I designed and implemented a behavioral milieu management program
		on the two units where I was psychologist.  In addition to my
 		team duties, I conducted psychological evaluations and assessments
		on forensic patients throughout the Institute for Forensic
		Psychiatry (including competency evaluations, mental status
		examinations, behavioral assessments, memory assessments,
		intelligence and personality assessments).  As a professional
		representative of the institution, I was called on to give
		expert witness testimony to the courts regarding psychological
		evaluations completed for competency examinations and competency
		restorations.  Supervisor: Mike Ketchen, Ph.D.

1990-1991	Psychology Internship,
		Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan.
		Duties included case management, psychological assessments,
		conducting individual and group therapy and assisting in treatment
		and disposition planning.  I completed an 8 month rotation on a
		locked adult unit for dangerous and difficult to manage CMI
		patients that utilized an intensive social skills training
		program, a 5 month (half time) plus 1 month (full time) rotation
		in Neuropsychology, a 3 month rotation on an unlocked adolescent
		unit and a 12 month mini-rotation in Minority Mental Health.
		Supervisors: Paul Jarvis, Ph.D. & Don Fairchild, Ph.D.

1989-1990   	Crisis Worker, Boulder County Mental Health Center,
		Emergency Psychiatric Services.  Duties included conducting
		emergency psychiatric evaluations, short term
		interventions, implementation of 72 hour
		holds (in consultation with on-call psychiatrist) and
		coordination of patients' hospitalization as required.
		Supervisor:  Kate Stone, MSW, Assistant Team Leader.

1989-1990	Child Team Intake Coordinator, Raimy Psychology Clinic.
		Duties:  Psychotherapy supervision of two doctoral student
		clinicians, coordination of intake procedures for the clinic,
		initial contacts with clients seeking child or family therapy
		at the clinic, conducting 1/3 of the child and family intakes,
		and presenting and assigning cases in weekly team meetings.
		Supervisor: Azelia Walker, Ph.D.

1989		Intern, Colorado Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.
		A post-graduate level training program that involved doing
		family therapy using a group supervision model--3 hours of
		live supervision (by a consultant group made up of trainees
		and supervisors) from behind a one-way mirror and 3 hours
		didactic material each week.  Trainees rotated presenting
		cases.  Supervisor: Suzanne Pope, Ph.D.

1987-1990	Therapist in Training at the Raimy Psychology Clinic.
		Case load of minimum of four clients (2 adults and 2 children or
		families) seen once or twice weekly for individual therapy and
		parent consultations.
		Supervisors:  Linny Mc Clean, Ph.D., Carol Tierney, Ph.D.,
		William Hodges, Ph.D., Suzanne Bernhard, Ph.D.,
		Don Weatherley, Ph.D., Sid Winicki, Ph.D.

1986		Therapist in training, Outpatient Team (& crisis back-up),
		Adams Community Mental Health Center, Northglenn office,
		Northglenn, CO. Supervisor: Rob Wolfson, Ph.D.

1985		Therapist in training, Day Treatment Program.
		Worked with Chronically Mentally ill adults in a behavior
		modification day treatment program.  Adams Community Mental
		Health Center, Commerce City, CO.  Supervisor: Carol Spar, Psy.D.

1985		Therapist in training, Geriatrics Team, Pikes Peak Mental
		Health Center, Colorado Springs, CO.  Individual therapy
		with depressed elderly, Supervisor: Sara Qualls, Ph.D.

1985		Therapist in training, Geriatrics Team, Pikes Peak Mental
		Health Center, Colorado Springs, CO.  Co-therapist for a milieu
		group for chronically mentally ill elderly.  The group
		consisted of 13-18 clients diagnosed with either schizophrenia,
		adjustment disorders, or late stage senile dementia of the
		Alzheimer type, and the mean age of the group was
		approximately 80 years.  Supervisor: Honey B. Crandall, M.D.

1979-1981	Research Assistant, worked with chronic schizophrenics
		and bipolar and unipolar depressed subjects, following their
		psychological adjustment to various experimental drug
		regimens, San Diego Veterans' Administration Hospital,
		San Diego, CA.  Supervisor: Dennis Pavlinac, M.D.

Teaching Experience:

1991		Guest Lecturer, FLMHC Internship program: Spiritual affiliation
		and religious expression as a cross-cultural variable in mental
		health/mental illness.

1989		Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergraduate course in Psychology
		of Adjustment.

1987		Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergraduate course in Abnormal

1987		Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergraduate course in statistics.

1986		Graduate Teaching Assistant for course in introductory psychology.

1986		Graduate Teaching Assistant for graduate course
		in Research Design and Program Evaluation.

1985		Graduate Teaching Assistant for graduate level course in
		statistics, covering the analysis of variance.

Research Experience:

1989-1991	Doctoral Dissertation:
		Studied the relationship between religiousness, gender,
		expressivity and interpersonal intimacy.
		University of Colorado, Boulder.

1987-1989	Assessment of psychological mindedness and coping
		styles and their relationship to adjustment in college students.
		This project involved completing all aspects of this research,
		including the development of a measure to assess coping styles
		in college students, administering the measure along with
		several measures of adjustment to 130 students, analyzing the
		data, and writing up the results. University of Colorado at
		Boulder, 2nd year project.

1985-1987	M.A. Thesis.
		Examined the performance of older adults on various
		neuropsychological tests in an attempt to establish normative data
		and in order to further characterize a performance anomaly
		seen in this population on the Tactual Performance Test (TPT)
		of the Halstead Reitan Neuropsychological Testing Battery.
		This research involved administering a four and one half hour
		neuropsychological testing battery (which included the TPT)
		to fifty older adults, analyzing the data and writing the thesis.
		University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO.
		and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

1984		Research Technician, Scripps Clinic an Research Foundation.
		Examined the role of the pituitary in Corticotropin
		Releasing Factor (CRF) induced locomotor activation in the
		rat: looked at the effects of hypophysectomy and hormonal
		supplements.  Duties included hypophysectomizing the experimental
		animals, sham operating the controls, administering the hormonal
		supplements for 28 consecutive days, assessing effects of CRF on
		locomotor activity, and writing the results up for publication.
		Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, La Jolla, CA.

1984		Examined the psychopharmacological effects of CRF on anxiety
		in the adult rat:  looked at interactions of CRF with benzodiazepines
		and ethanol in a conflict avoidance task.  Duties included
		microsurgery on rats and behavioral testing.  Scripps Clinic and
		research foundation, La Jolla, CA.

1983		Examined the role of arginine vasopressin in conditioned
		avoidance paradigms in the rat.  Duties included microsurgery
		on rats and behavioral testing.  The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA.

1982		B.A. Honors Thesis.
		Examined the role of arginine vasopressin
		in short term memory processing in squirrel monkeys.  Duties included
		training monkeys and doing behavioral pharmacology testing in a
		delayed recall appetitive task.  The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA.

1979-1982	Examined the effect of chronic lithium chloride
		treatment (in the rat) on biorhythms.  Duties included participating
		in 3-24 hour sacrifice sessions and conducting bioassays.  San Diego
		Veterans' Administration Hospital, La Jolla, CA.

1979-1981	Assessment of the clinical effects of oral magnesium in
		short term treatment of unipolar depression.  Duties included daily
		interaction with subjects in the study to assess their psychological
		progress on different drug regimens.  San Diego Veterans'
		Administration Hospital, La Jolla, CA.


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